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Red Ball Project, 2011 onwards

An active practitioner since graduating, drawing has provided continuity in a practice that has spanned installation, small-scale making, film, and set design, shown in a range of contexts from screenings in major London galleries, to museums, and regional galleries. Recent work has been expressed in the form of large-scale installation, digital prints and participatory and curatorial work.

Three projects have been key to my recent practice: Red Ball, Keeper(s) and as artist/curator, CIVIC. This project is a network of practitioners and researchers in conversation about art, architecture and the city; about cultural institutions, place, space, writing and walking. Keeper(s) examined the activities of the gallery and education through participation with a range of audiences and selected practitioners, including Jane Rendell, Karen Ingham and Kathryn Faulkner, while, over a number of years, Red Ball has invited participants to make and engage in discussion about making.

Reading Rooms: Manifestations of Domestic Space in Visual Art and Literature (MPhil through written and practice-based research) examined the room spaces found in the work of contemporary female artists and the longer history of the novel, and has since fed into text and time based work.

I was a lecturer in art and design for 30 years, teaching at all levels from foundation to postgraduate, and Programme Director of the Foundation Art and Design course at Swansea School of Art from 2004 – 2016. R.A. Hodgkin wrote of learning and the role of the teacher as ‘an oscillation between play, practice and exploring… she makes the space, sustains the dialogue and introduces structure, problems and evaluations’ (Hodgkin, 1985), capturing the ethos of the Foundation Art & Design course.

Citation: Hodgkin, R. A. 1985. Playing and Exploring: education through the discovery of order. London/New York Methuen


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