Residency and Exhibition with Cardiff MADE Gallery The Associates programme
January-June 2024

Rub & Roll is the culmination of 4 months of exploratory printmaking using non-toxic techniques,above and below the plate surface, with a core group of 5 exhibiting artists: mentors Sarah Garvey & Lisa Chappell alongside participant artists Bella Kerr, Kate Shooter & Eleanor Whiteman.

For this residency I worked from sketches – images made in a minute – throwaway lines.  I hoped to intensify and direct my drawing through the processes and repetitions of printmaking, testing thoughts and gathering in stray threads from past work: the ‘red ball’, the division and democracy of the grid, architectural notes, words as visual players.

I had my head turned to look at artists that are not part of my ‘bible’ – at some more rooted in the domestic and the nearby – and others – artists I had stored away and was reminded to revisit.

I learnt to hurry less and to walk as part of making. I drank a lot of tea and ate too many biscuits and talked and talked– conversations that are now embedded, visibly and invisibly in the prints. I am grateful to have been taught so much and so well in such good company. 

A special edition box set of 4 prints created for the show are available to purchase through Collectorplan. Supported by the Arts Council of Wales.