Curatorial Residency, New York

CIVIC Collaborative Curatorial Residency at Residency Unlimited New York. Bella Kerr & Amanda Roderick | October/November 2016 Read more about CIVIC A collaborative investigation of the visible and invisible structures and infrastructures centred on and around the art gallery and other cultural organisations, considering the role of partnerships, dialogue, learning, opportunity and engagement. The collaborative…

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Working with Opus

OPUS – Foundation Art & Design, Swansea, staff group In 2007 the staff of the Art and Designer course at Swansea decided to exhibit together for the first time. We took the name Opus from our first exhibition, Nascent Opus, and used it for some years as a way to present ourselves to the world…

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Making Protest

Making Protest, shown as part of Time Let Me Play:Time Let Me Play | Gathered Again | Green & Golden During summer 2014, the Foundation staff at Swansea College of Art set themselves 50cm Rule as a holiday project and a way to introduce themselves to the new students. I made a ‘soapbox’ to these…

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