Nascent Opus: growing towards the greater work/yn tyfu tuag at waeth mwy

An exhibition of work in progress by seven artists and designers Dynevor Centre for Art, Design & Media, Autumn 2007

Katherine Clewett (3D Design), Melanie Evans (Visual Studies), Hamish Gane (Photography), Bella Kerr (Fine Art & Programme Director), Eilish O’Donohoe (Visual Communication), Osi Rhys Osmond (Visual Studies), Sunny Todd (Fashion & Textiles). Melanie Evans designed the catalogue and Hamish Gane made the photographic images.

 It is always difficult for an artist to open the door to the process of creativity. That private place where ideas, thoughts, beliefs and much else are considered is a place of personal refuge and discovery.

Eilish O’Donohoe, introduction, Nascent Opus catalogue, 2007)