Fringe Arts Bath Visual Arts Festival | 27 May – 11 June 2023
Location: 44AD artspace, 4 Abbey Street Bath

Who’s been sleeping in my bed?  is an exploration of a theme both familiar but resonant: our entanglements and coexistence with animals.  The exhibition encompasses – through a range of media from video to installation – the sentimental, funny, domestic, decorative and uncanny. Interspecies relationships and issues of human responsibility are examined, alongside dark interpretations of myths, representations drawn from folk tales, nursery rhymes and the everyday.

These reflections, from the twenty-two artists in this show, make us consider our relationship with animals within social and cultural history and other contexts including commodity, exploitation and human/animal inter reliance.

curated by Bella Kerr & Amanda Roderick

Emma Adams  |  Andy Ash  |  Kelvin Atmadibrata  | Derek Bainton  | Chloe Barnes Keith Bayliss | Lysiane Bourdon |  Hal Camplin | David Dixon | Natalya Furneaux  Shareena Hill  |  Pia Jaime | Will Jones  |  Bella Kerr  | Mez Kerr Jones | Martha Lowres Steph Mastoris | Tracie Peisley  | Karen Piddington |  Omar Reynas |   Katya Robin