An Opus/ Foundation staff exhibition about drawing. 
elysium artspace Swansea, 2008

Anthony Arrowsmith, Katherine Clewett, Sharon Cooper, Mary Davies, Melanie Evans, Owen Griffiths, Bella Kerr, Sheree Murphy, Eilish O’Donohoe, Osi Rhys Osmond, Emma Pearce, Howard Riley, Tim Stokes.

Drawing – the process of planning, charting ideas, making thoughts visible – on paper, with paint, pencil, chalk  and ink – but alternatively through the arrangement of objects, made and found, samples and maquettes, the remnants of making and living – boxes, elastic bands, old toys, carpets and shoes – not discarded, but saved or sought for some quality of colour, texture, form or memory, and brought together in temporary changing combinations.

Both the drawings and the assemblages propose ideas about domestic life, both as direct experience and its depiction in art and literature, mapping the way towards the larger project, whether written research or installation.

Image: Other Rooms (detail) by Bella Kerr

Catalogue design by Melanie Evans

Opus exhibition installed at Elysium artspace