Supersauraus Residency Project | Swansea 2011

Red Ball started in a hurry – I was offered the project space at Studio Supersaurus in Swansea at very short notice. Studio Supersaurus was set up by four former Swansea Foundation students as a working space for themselves and a space in which they could host events and residencies. Here was I given a very real example of the many exchanges that come from teaching. The reversal of roles suggested by ex-students offering me an opportunity perhaps made me think that I would become the learner.

I had had in my mind, for a long time the idea of an installation involving lots of red spheres – that I would be the maker and guardian of these objects. I had made some drawings and experimented with methods for making the balls – but it all seemed a little unclear and I couldn’t get it moving.

So we posted this on the Supersaurus blog: