Q-Art organise symposia and produce books and videos that feature interviews with further and higher education art staff from across a range of art schools and universities. 

Download two Bella Kerr interviews with Q-Art here:

Q-Art interview with Bella Kerr  |   Bella Kerr & Amanda Roderick Q-art Interview

Q-Art are an events and publishing organisation that asks questions of, and aims to break down the barriers to, art education and the contemporary art world. They work in partnership with art schools, museums, galleries and arts organisations throughout the UK. They ask questions, share insight, and facilitate debate across the art education sector through books, symposia, talks, workshops, videos and crits.

Q-Art was founded by Sarah Rowles in 2008 whilst she was an art student at Goldsmiths, in response to the obstacles she faced entering and then progressing through art education. The Q-Art team has been formed organically since this time from enthusiastic Q-Art participants who each share the ethos and ambitions of the organisation. The ‘Q’ in Q-Art stands for ‘Question’ and asking and questions is at the centre of what they do as an organisation. Explore their website to find out more about Q-Art activities and how you can get involved.